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The Liberal Arts College (LAC) offers you an intensive introduction to the humanities and the social sciences—the best that has been thought and said in history, philosophy, literature, religion, science, music and art in the Western tradition.

If you are curious, serious about learning, and broad in your interests, the LAC is the perfect place for you. Our graduates have gone on to a variety of careers in teaching and research, art, law, politics, the media, humanitarian work, and entrepreneurship and have won scholarships for graduate study at the world’s most prestigious universities.

Pedagogy and Global Great Thinkers

By: Thomas Ponniah February 19, 2014

For my undergraduate degree I had the privilege of studying in a "Great Books" program at Concordia University's Liberal Arts College in Montreal. This bachelor of arts degree in "Western Society and Culture" is one of a hundred Great Books curricula in North America, Europe and Asia. The Concordia program was modelled on the Great Books movement which began at Columbia University in New York in 1921 and which now constitutes that university's Core Curriculum. The Western version of a Great Books course of study was itself inspired by the medieval and Renaissance educational ideal of a liberal arts education, believed to be crucial to producing a well-rounded, free human being who had the moral and intellectual preparation for social and political life. Read more:


Join us and discover the masters in a unique Great Books, multidisciplinary Core Curriculum designed to provide the foundations of an education for life.




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